4 Ways To Support Your Recovery Anywhere You Go


Once you get sober, you can’t avoid temptation. Alcohol is everywhere and you can find drugs almost anywhere you go. Recovery is supposed to be liberation from imprisonment caused by drugs and alcohol. It would be a drag to go to treatment, do all that work, stay clean and sober, only to still be controlled by drugs and alcohol because you have to avoid life altogether. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol are a normal part of life. Fortunately, recovery equips you with the tools you need to live life on life’s terms. That means you live life even though drugs and alcohol are still everywhere. Getting out into the world and taking advantage of life isn’t without it’s challenges. Thankfully, there are ways to support yourself and your recovery as you go along.

Find Meetings Online

If you’re into twelve step meetings or any kind of support meetings, you can’t always find them. Touching base with a meeting when you travel is a great way to stay grounded in your recovery. When there isn’t a meeting available you can usually find one online, or on the phone. Phone meetings can introduce you to others who call in from all over the world to stay connected.

Get To Know People

If recovery teaches you anything about people, it’s that everyone has a story. Hearing the life story of others is a fascinating and humbling experience. You quickly learn that everyone has been through something which shapes them in a significant way. Don’t be ashamed of who you are in recovery. Listen to others’ stories and share your own. You could be the inspiration someone needs to take action in their lives.

Stay On Top Of Your Meds

Life can move pretty fast and sometimes your prescription moves right along with it. When your calendar is about to get busy, meet with your doctor to make plans for medication. Find a pharmacy in the area that can fill your medication or agree with your doctor to take extra meds with you.

Manage Your Expectations

The world is great and people are grand. However, they aren’t always what we expect. A reached out hand could bite rather than help. Keeping your expectations low and managed can help you to let go of the small stuff and be surprised by the big stuff without getting caught up in between.

Life is meant to be lived. Through treatment at Sound Recovery Solutions, you’ll learn how to live your life again, free from drugs and alcohol. For more information, call 561-666-7427 today.

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