Learn About Neuroplasticity and Addiction Recovery
Learn About Neuroplasticity and Addiction Recovery
February 12, 2018
Take a Holistic Approach to Sobriety for Some Peace of Mind
Take a Holistic Approach to Sobriety for Some Peace of Mind
February 14, 2018

Anger is a highly misunderstood emotion. Often vilified for being negative, anger actually serves a good purpose, in small doses. It can also be a main driver for people to use substances, out of spite or anger towards oneself and others. Anger can be self destructive and harm relationships with other people. It helps to have some tips to manage anger before it gets out of control.

What is Anger

Anger is really just an emotion that rises up and can manifest as aggression or self-destructive behavior. Anger is like any emotion or feeling. The sensation may range from mild frustration to intense rage, depending on the individual. Feeling anger is actually quite healthy but the brain will give cues on how to respond to the environment. Learned experiences also form and shape how people utilize anger in various situations. Some will need help controlling anger while others can keep it fairly under wraps when needed.

Tips to Manage Anger

To learn how to effectively manage anger is to focus on strategies that really help quell that deep, inner desire to let all that rage out at any given time. Try the following tips to reign it in.

Deep breathing techniques

Try the following deep breathing exercises when anger comes up:

  • Count up to a certain number such as 50 or 100
  • Focus on breathing
  • Deliberately breathe in and out at an even pace

Use personal mantras

Focus on positive, soothing self talk and mantras. Repeating these in the mind will help during situations where anger flares:

  • I am calm
  • Everything is okay
  • This will pass
  • Just breathe deeply
  • I can manage this situation peacefully

Challenge self-defeating thoughts

Take note of cues in the environment when anger flares. What is happening? What does the mind say? How can a healthy mindset be cultivated? Try to reframe any anger-causing circumstance to adopt a more positive view of life. Having a therapist work with an individual to manage anger can also be helpful.

Self care

Anger management will not stick without self care practices. Regularly engage in activities which are soothing and enjoyable. This will lower stress and leave a peaceful, calm feeling.

There are many ways to manage anger more positively and effectively. Sound Recovery can help if you struggle with anger and addiction issues. We are a supportive environment with specially designed programs and services to help you focus on recovery. Call us at 561-277-3088 to find out how we can help you reach those sober goals.

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