5 Reasons You Should Laugh At Yourself More Often

5 Reasons You Should Laugh At Yourself More Often

“The ability to laugh at yourself is a trait that should be acquired at a young age.  You will need it many times in your life.”

– Linda Poindexter


Laughter has repeatedly been proven over time to have many positive benefits.  Whether those benefits are mental or physical, there is no doubt that laughter is a great thing.  If you can learn how to laugh at yourself, you will be able to find happiness in even the most lonely of times-a power that can truly alter your life.  Here are 5 more reasons why it is so important to laugh at yourself:   


Laughter releases endorphins:

The benefits of endorphins are numerous and laughter is an excellent trigger for the production of those feel good chemicals.  Researchers believe this happens because the exhalation involved in laughter causes the abdominal muscles to experience physical exhaustion similar to exercise.


Laughter allows you to forgive yourself:

Self-forgiveness is extremely important to getting past difficult times in your laugh.  Author Susan Sparks once said, “If you can laugh at yourself, you can forgive yourself. ”   Learn how to laugh at yourself and you’ll be able to move past the times that you may have let yourself down.


Laughing fights off depression:

Depression can be all consuming.  It pulls you into a hole and takes away your desire to escape that hole. Happiness, however, is the opposite of depression and can be triggered through laughter.  Opposite states can not exist in our mind at the same time.  Even a forced laugh at oneself can be enough to transition the mind from a state of depression and towards one of happiness.


Laughing relieves stress:

Laughter has been shown to lower the levels of cortisol and other stress hormones in our body while also increasing the level of feel-good endorphins.  Laughter also has the ability to change our perspective of a situation,  giving us a more light-hearted view on our problems.


People can’t laugh at you if you beat them to it:

In the movie 8 Mile, the rap battle finale finds the main character Rabbit winning, mostly by making fun of himself.  By beating his opponent to the punch, there was nothing else that could be said about him.  Laughing at yourself, you take away any sting that your mistakes may have. Everyone makes mistakes and can benefit from laughing about them.  


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