You Can’t Please Everyone, You Aren’t Pizza: The Best Advice People Pleasers Need

You Can’t Please Everyone, You Aren’t Pizza: The Best Advice People Pleasers Need

Pizza might be one of the only things in the entire world which makes most people happy. Pizza is global. The only people who don’t like pizza are the people who haven’t had pizza yet. Universally recognized, the Italian comfort food is a source of happiness and pleasure for all people. Unfortunately, people aren’t that way. People aren’t pizza. Not everyone can be pleased. Not everyone can do the pleasing.

People-pleasing is a chronic problem, particularly for people in recovery. Alcoholics and addicts might develop people-pleasing as a problem in recovery. They anxiously try to make up for some of the harms they caused during their drinking and using. Other times, addiction and alcoholism was developed in an effort to cope with the pain of trying to be perfect. People-pleasing means living for others. Everything you do, think, feel, wear, eat, and say is for other people. A chronic people-pleaser takes on more than they can give, give when they have nothing left, shifts their personality and their perspectives to fit those of others, and does not stop the facade. Tragically, they stop taking care of themselves. Professional people-pleasing is a full time job until it isn’t sustainable anymore. Unlike pizza, you aren’t finite in someone else’s eye. Being in someone’s life every single day makes you reliable. Pizza can always be delivered, but eventually the pie gets eaten. You don’t get eaten when you’re a people-pleaser. You’re the pizza that just keeps on giving and giving and giving to everyone but yourself.

Let go of perfection

Pizza is perfection, for that there is little argument. People, on the other hand, are not perfect and cannot be perfect. Letting go of the idea of perfection is often revolutionary in someone’s life. You don’t have to be perfect. Finally, you can admit that you won’t be perfect. Take the pressure off. Be yourself and let that be enough.

Set strong boundaries

A pizza serves a purpose, so it doesn’t have boundaries to be crossed. Pizzas don’t come with restrictions and limitations. Imagine everyone’s shock and horror if a pizza box came with strict instructions for how many bites you were allowed to take. You, however, have limitations. The way those limitations get drawn is by a very simply setting of boundaries using a two-letter word “No”. Say no more often to responsibility of all kinds that doesn’t belong to you- like trying to make everyone happy.


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