What To Say When Your Epic Sober Party Life Confuses Other People

What do you mean you don’t drink? People who are used to partying intoxicated don’t quite understand. Having been in recovery for a little bit of time, you understand the association quite well. Alcohol triggers pleasure. Pleasure interacts with the memory sources in the brain. Soon, alcohol becomes pleasure. The idea of experiencing pleasure in any way without alcohol becomes enigmatic for the brain. Alcohol equals pleasure. Pleasure equals alcohol. For the simple minded, it is a simple equation.

You and your experiences in treatment as well as your new life in recovery have taught you to be open-minded. Today, you have more of an open-mind than you have had, quite possibly, in your entire life. Your open-mindedness allows you to party and party hard, without having to party intoxicated. Partying sober is a conundrum to others. Living your life to the fullest, one sober day at a time, isn’t too confusing for you. You keep it simple.

Confronted by people who are inquisitive about your sobriety, keeping it simple is your best tool. Nobody has to know the entire story about hitting your bottom in drinking, going to treatment, and everything you experience in recovery. Talking about your intimate life in recovery is certainly a conversation starter, but could be a bit of a buzzkill for the rest of the party. Your story is inspiring and encouraging. Drunken people are in an altered state of mind on the substances which you are speaking against in your life. Saving the story for another time is a better approach.  


Tell the truth

There are a few “excuses” you can give about your sober status at a party that aren’t lying. You’re the designated driver, forever. At least, every day that you stay sober. You aren’t drinking tonight, or ever again. You don’t feel like drinking. It’s better that you don’t drink. Drinking could lead to bad decisions, you might joke. While others laugh, you’ll know quite seriously what those bad decisions are.


Put the drinking back on them

Drinkers love to drink. Though drinkers don’t need a reason to drink, they’ll gladly take one. When someone starts to pester about having just one drink tell them to have the drink for you. Chances are, they’ll gladly accept.


Just say no

Drunk people can be persistent- relentless and persistent. At some point, there will be that one person who refuses to give up the fact that you aren’t drinking. Once you’ve used normal excuses and used joking excuses it is time to just get firm. The bottom line is that whether you drink or don’t drink isn’t anyone else’s business. Whatever firm boundary you need to lay, lay it down hard, and just walk away.


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