Medication isn’t a big deal. We live in a world where people get their dogs prozac prescriptions when their little yappy stops yapping. Mental illness can be passing, or it can stick around a life time. Taking medication for a mental health condition like depression or anxiety doesn’t make you weak, “sick”, or deficient. Quite the contrary, it makes you smart and ahead of the game.

Untreated mental illness can have serious consequences. When a mental health condition goes for years without being treated, it can greatly impact someone’s life. Leading to health complications, suicide attempts, low quality of life, and substance abuse, untreated mental health is an issue. Seeking help for a mental health condition, especially when it is co-occurring with substance use disorders, isn’t a sign that you’re broken, it’s an encouragement you want to heal. Medication can help you in the treatment and recovery process by giving you the support you need to do the transformation therapeutic work you’ll experience every day in treatment. Without the help of antidepressants, mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, or any other medications you may be given, you might not get the most out of treatment- or out of life.

Mental health conditions cause an imbalance in the brain which can make it more difficult to operate at a stable level. Bipolar disorder, for example, causes extreme highs and extreme lows, far above and far below the normal baseline. Being brought closer to a regulated baseline helps you be more present, manage your emotions, regulate your moods, and can enhance your mindfulness.

Here is a quick list of things taking medication for a mental health condition does not mean so you can stop beating yourself up and take your meds without issue:


  • Taking meds doesn’t mean you’re a junkie: If you’re in treatment for a substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health conditions, you might already be a “junkie” or a drug addict. Taking medication to help you stay stable, rather than get high, isn’t abuse. As long as you take your medications according to prescription, you’re fine.
  • Taking meds doesn’t mean you’re a basket case: Quite the opposite, it means you’re avoiding reaching basket case status. Mental health conditions are not the same as clinical insanity. You’re not crazy for having a mental health condition and you are not crazy for taking a medication for it.
  • Taking meds isn’t anyone else’s business: People have all kinds of professional advice to hand out about medication when they are neither a psychiatrist, a doctor, or a pharmacist. Your only opinions about your medication need to belong to you and your treatment team.


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